About Us

Df Company was born from the historical experience of the Perolari family, which has been producing padded sportswear for sport and the city since 1970.

In 1992, the meeting of Manuela Perolari and Diego Capponi began an evolution of the “padded outerwear” concept. These great designers had just started to include sports lines in their collections and they needed partners with strong knowledge in the sector and a high level of performance, and who better than DF Company.

The collections were revolutionary, both in terms of aesthetics and in practice, but their challenge was to find a way to maintain the same standards of technical content as the sports lines we were already used to, and from which they were inspired. The company’s mission was immediately to “engineer” the model with the materials and with the packaging. At the same time, the possibility of making prototypes and samples was introduced, and we were the perfect fit as expert tutors, with the related strictly Italian production.

Currently Df Company, based in Bergamo, boasts almost 40 professional employees, dealing with “Made in Italy” labels in all its facets. Furthermore, to stay in line with other customer and market requests, Df Company also manages, monitors and views the units (but only for production) located in the European community.