Study of Model Development

Our production office is within the company and represents the heart of the creation and our business; it is composed of highly qualified personnel, divided into two departments that work together and interact in the various phases of the creation of the model, so that the end product corresponds to the customer’s request and that it satisfies every quality and productive needs.

The modelistic department is made up of modellers specialized in fittings for man, woman and child and has a highly specialized cad center.

Each modeller, starting from a design provided by the customer, is able to elaborate the pattern with cad that the prototyping department then transforms into a prototype; the various phases of manufacture and production of the item are all produced, evaluated and studied internally in collaboration with the two departments, so that the product satisfies, besides all the high quality requirements, also the logics for the optimization of future productions.  Following the realization of the prototype,  and having production as the final result, we also manage the phases that follow that of sampling and of production, therefore we carry out defect control, development and placings.

We would like to point out that each model is created with Cad, as well as all the changes, development and placings are also carried out with cad, but it is important and fundamental to underline that each model is designed exclusively for the customer who ordered it.

We have a wide range of items that we carry out, not only because we can produce items for men, women and children, but also because we can range from casual clothing to those that are highly technical with high quality and technical requirements; we can, in fact, realize any type of down jackets (standard filling, section, direct) but also casual items, fashion, metropolitan, technical and sportswear (namely thermal items, lasered, glued, technical ski and  also for ski schools) and finally for the summer season we are specialized in the production of beach boxer shorts for men and children.