The high quality production that we guarantee on the entire range of items is the pride and joy of our company both in Italy and abroad, so much so that for years, it has allowed us  to cooperate with the most prestigious names in the fashion world: they use our professionalism and quality in order to achieve not only their collections but also their  productions.

The productions can be achieved both in Italy for those who decide to make use of the Made in Italy and  also abroad, precisely in our companies of eastern Europe. Within our company  the phases of cutting, packing, filling, laser work, heat welding are carried out and we personally follow the phases of printing, embroidery, washing  etc.,  that are carried out in companies affiliated with us.

The prototypes are entirely carried out in our branch, whereas as far as the  samples and the Made in Italy productions are concerned, we usually carry out internally the phases of cutting, filling and laser work, whilst the packing and heat welding are managed under our supervision, in laboratories that work exclusively with us.

In the case of overseas productions, we still manage any prints, particular steps, in Italy, heat welding, packaging and tests, are managed entirely within our overseas companies where highly skilled personnel work, trained by our internal Italian staff, in order to guarantee the same attention to details as we do in Italy; our Italian staff go abroad periodically to inspect and verify that the productions in progress comply and are satisfactory with all instructions given and requested to us by the customer.

The internal management of delicate steps like: laserature, filling and heat welding allow us to better study the best solutions for every project, allowing us to obtain items of high quality already with the first prototype and to take into consideration and assess any problems and/or inconsistencies that some materials may have; all this constitutes the technical guarantee of the product and the certainty that every item satisfies the customer’s requirements requested, our main priority for all our customers.

Our services can apply to the whole productive cycle and that can be done both under   marketed management,  which means on the base of a design create a pattern, the relevant prototype, the samples to then carry out the production managing directly purchase of the materials amongst  the various suppliers,  and also by managing production a0facon, in which case all material will be supplied by the customer  in processing account, or in hybrid management that is part of the materials will be managed by us,  and  part will be provided by the customer in processing account.

Furthermore, the customer can freely decide to choose just one of our services, for example, requesting only the cad service (prototyping or development).

However discretion is always a priority in dealing with our customers and not having us as company, our marketing lines, trademark and/or products, for our customers, it means there is a major guarantee in the safeguard of their privacy.