About Us

DF Company originates by the lifelong experience of the Perolari family who have produced  padded sportswear for use in sports and or city wear since 1970. In 1992 meeting with Manuela Perolari and Diego Capponi gave way to the evolution of the concept of “padded shoulder item” in line with the fashion requirements at that moment in time.

The great fashion designers had just started to insert sports lines into their collections and they needed partners with strong cultural skills in high level sportswear and of high performance.

The stylist’s collections would have been completely revolutionized both in appearance and in practicality but would have still had to maintain the same contents and technical features very similar to the ones in the sports world and city-sport from which they took hints.

Right from the start, the mission of the company was that of “engineering” the requested model, both from the points of view of the materials used and the construction structure.

At the same time the possibility of realisation of the prototype was inserted together with the requested series of samples and the relative production in Italy. Only later, in order to stay in line with customers requests, productive units were equipped in Nothern Europe.

Currently, under the expert supervision of the managing director, Mirko Perolari, DF Company can claim 2 productive units of their own property in eastern Europe that are able to produce shoulder items and beach shorts of high quality.

The strategic base remains in Italy with 26 professional employees they take care of contacts, the process, the realization of sample items and of the production “made in Italy“.